A Holmfirth Breeze on Sunday 15 June, as part of this year’s Holmfirth Arts Festival

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Below is a copy of a letter for people wanting to get involved. For an application letter and further details please contact or The deadline was for June 2nd but I am sure they are still looking for participants.

Sunday 15 June 2014: 12pm and 2pm – A Holmfirth Breeze 

Thank you for your interest in participating in A Holmfirth Breeze on Sunday 15 June, as part of this year’s Holmfirth Arts Festival. The day will centre around two performances of Mauricio Kagel’s Eine Brise (A Breeze), which is a moving sonic installation, or ‘transient action’ for bicycles, and involves 111 cyclists on bicycles following a pre-determined route, in formation, and making simple sounds (bell ringing, whistling, blowing noises and singing) at signed stages of the route, following directions laid out in Kagel’s score.

If you wish to participate as a performer/cyclist, you don’t need any musical knowledge or training. Composer and animateur Barry Russell will be directing the performance and will explain how the piece will work, and your part in it, in an introductory workshop on the week before the performance.

We are looking for volunteers to participate in the following ways:

 as participants and performers in the piece – the score specifies 111 cyclists, although this has never yet been achieved in a live performance. Please help us to make the Yorkshire premiere in Holmfirth the biggest yet, and achieve something that was never achieved during Kagel’s lifetime! You will be part of a unique and memorable experience that will be unlike anything you’ve done before (unless you participated in a previous performance in Glasgow, London, LA or Poland…). Cyclists must be aged 8 or over (and children under 16 need to be accompanied 1:1 by a parent or carer as a participating cyclist during the ride), and must be able to come along with their own bike and bell, wear a helmet and be available on Sunday 15 June. The route is around the centre of Holmfirth – it won’t be totally flat, but is relatively so. There will be a full briefing workshop in Holmfirth on Sunday 8 June from 2pm – 3pm, although it is not compulsory to attend this.

 as one of 10 key cyclists in the piece – if you are willing to be an uber-cyclist, you must be able to attend the briefing in Holmfirth at 2pm-3pm on Sunday 8 June and also be available from 11.15am – 2.30pm on Sunday 15 June. Key cyclists will be sited strategically in the formation of the 111 cyclists.

 as a marshall on the day – we need up to 15 volunteers to help with traffic management and performance signage. Again, you will need to be available from 11am – 2.30pm on Sunday 15 June and you will be given full training.

If you would like to volunteer as a marshall, please e-mail us back at If you would like to participate in the performance of Eine Brise, please complete the application form and e-mail it back to me, at by Monday 2 June. We are hoping to attract many cyclists to participate, so your early response would be appreciated – thank you!

If you’ve got any other queries about the day or the Festival, please e-mail and we’ll be happy to help.

Best wishes

Lesley Skyes

Participation co-ordinator

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