Can you help to break a Guinness World Record on Saturday 4th July

This 4th July 2015 will be the 1 year anniversary of the Tour de France passing through Holmfirth. To mark this event my charity, the Memusi Foundation has teamed up with Holmfirth Vineyard to bring an exciting event that will see 450 people breaking an official Guinness World Record…and you are invited!!

We will be attempting to break the record for the most people cycling 1km in 12 hours and also the record for 8 hours (so hopefully smashing 2 records in the day). These records are currently held in Tokyo and we would like to bring them back to the UK and specifically Yorkshire and Holmfirth! The perfect legacy for Le Tour de France!

As well as our record attempt, the Vineyard will also be hosting its annual Beer & Wine Festival and Family Fun Day. There will be ice-cream, bouncy castles and much more for children and of course plenty of beer and wine and a BBQ running throughout the day. A great event and a once in a lifetime opportunity to break a World Record!

I am looking for local groups and teams to come along and help us out by taking part. I wondered if the Holmfirth WI would be interested in bringing a group along (as well as their families potentially?) to take part in the challenge. I could secure people into the same time slot so that all are grouped together.
What do I have to do? 

We are looking for 450 people to cycle just 1km with us in a relay format, with over 450 people completing this challenge in 12 hours. We need people to come along to our event and pedal for just 1km on an exercise bike – it is a lot easier than you may think and people can go at any speed. Although we would like to make sure that we are going as fast as possible, 1km is manageable for most people and therefore a challenge open to all!

How do you get involved? 

To help us manage the flow of participants we would like people to select a time window that would work for them. This is between 10am and 6pm and will ensure that we maximise people at all times. You can book your time window by following our link to our booking system HERE( Once in the booking system, select the hour that you want to come along and complete the short form to get your ticket. You can book up to 10 tickets at one time if completing for others.

Please sign up and please spread the word. The success of the record will be dependent on the people and we need as many people as possible to come along and join us. Please tell your friends, tell your families and tell your colleagues and be part of smashing a World Record!


Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind Regards

Matthew Norton

Founder – Memusi Foundation

TEL: 0044 07947 460611


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