Current campaigns and initiatives

Have your voice heard and make a real impact on local, national and global issues by getting involved in WI campaigns.

Our campaigns bring WI members together to take action and achieve real change in policy and practice on the issues that we all care about.

Current local initiatives:

Fruit Revival

Got fruit growing in your garden that you don’t want?  We can come and pick it and put it to good use.  Invite us along!

Know where fruit is growing in abundance in a public space?  Let us know.

Have suggestions for places to plant fruit bushes and trees?  Tell us.

In recent years our campaigns have helped achieve:

  • £10m funding, announced in June 2010, for research into pollinator health. Thanks to the grant, research will be carried out into bee diseases and the effect of pesticides to help better understand threats to the honeybee population;
  • Government commitment, announced in June 2013 to develop an action plan for bees
  • Cross party commitment to diversion and liaison schemes – a ‘care not custody’ approach to end the inappropriate detention of people with mental health needs. £5m pilot funding was announced by the Secretaries of State for Health and Justice in March 2011;
  • European Parliament commitment to introduce mandatory country of origin labelling on all fresh meat (July 2011);
  • Government concessions on Legal Aid reform, strengthening safeguards in draft legislation for domestic violence victims (spring 2012).

Find out more about our key campaigns:

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Help our High Streets!

The Holmfirth WI take an active part in the national campaigns of the women’s institute, including the resolutions process of choosing the next campaign as members. The 2013 resolution about the decline of Britain’s high streets and town centres passed, which delighted us as we voted for it! The Holmfirth WI encourage its members to shop locally, and in active collaboration to help us do that local businesses are offering Holmfirth WI members discounts.

At our June 2013 meeting Holmfirth WI members enjoyed a cheese tasting evening from a local market trader while mind-mapping how we could Help Holmfirth High Street as a WI…

  • Sunday opening
  • Discounts!
  • Lower rents
  • Have a pick-up store – lots of stuff people get on the web but get delivered, combine the two
  • Knit/sew/crochet/make bunting we can rent out for cheap to e.g. The market hall and local businesses
  • Do something about the graffiti – can we get a graffiti wall put up?
  • Incredible Edibles – growing herbs for all, including cares and restaurants!
  • River clean-up
  • Longer opening hours/ late opening one day per week
  • Free parking for locals, or free parking earlier then 4pm
  • Cash mobs – how can we make this fair?
  • Reasonable business rates and reasonable rent for all
  • Transport – rural busses
  • Another use for the Riverside
  • Raise money for more benches in the town
  • More Christmas lights?
  • Holmfirth £
  • Pedestrianise Hollowgate

A few of our members have been talking about ‘A Force to be Reckoned with’ by Jane Robinson, and we’ve been reflecting about what we’ve been doing so far and what we could do. Perhaps in in time, with this campaign the Holmfirth WI can make a difference in Holmfirth, however big or small, as is traditionally an integral part of the WI..

Force to be reckoned

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