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To contact a member of the Committee, you can email

Please put the name of the person you wish to contact in the subject heading. 

For the Treasurer, please email

President: Margriet Mulder

was our President fro April 2016 to April 2019 and is now back again. Margriet loves the outdoors and can often be seen cycling in the hills and swimming in lakes (not competitively though).  She prefers gardening to housework although neither her garden or house are pristine!

General Secretaries

Helen Wilberforce

Minutes Secretary: Alison Forster

was member of Holmfirth WI for three years, before she became member of the committee. Only part time though as she is away a lot enjoying travelling and any sort of mountain sport


We have two treasurers.

Other members

Kate Gamble

Kate Gamble

is Holmfirth WI’s longest standing committee members as she has been with the group since it began in 2013. She’s into baking, cats, and caring.

Christine Askew


is a member of our committee and is also a wizard at craft and sewing. Chris coordinates the craft group.

Lesley Rattigan

 joined the committee in 2018. She has lived in Holmfirth area for many years and is a retired French and Latin teacher in one of our local school. She has many interests and loves to be active. Her role in the committee is organising refreshments, coordinating walks and birthday cards

Debs Ely joined the WI in 2015 and then the committee in 2017.  She has taken the committee by storm, making name badges for members, organising activities as broad as bell ringing, pie making and judging scout cooking competitions!

Catherine O’Halloran joined the committee in 2017.  A pillar of calm and efficiency, Catherine will be helping with various administrative tasks, such as MCS and committee business.

Sarah Gathercole

 joined WI in 2018 and after a year to settle in joined the committee in 2019.  Sarah is mum to two cats & four chickens, retraining to be a Nutrition Advisor, a proud aloeholic and a novice bell ringer (since visiting with WI).

Carolyn Hadin

You can use the email at the top of the page to contact committee members or use our Facebook or Twitter accounts to message us.

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  1. Hi Judith, can you speak to Louise about this. I don’t have a numbers in my head. Also apologies for the late reply, Margriet

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