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The Holmfirth WI is enormous and is full to the brim with talented, interested, interesting, creative women. We aim to include one another and to teach and learn from each other as we are a fabulous resource and mini community. With this is mind, various subgroups have bloomed with varied capacities and activities for members. You can find them detailed here. Have a look for something you’re interested in and remember that you don’t have to be an expert to be a part of a group within the Holmfirth WI, it’s all about learning and sharing skills!

Book Club

The Holmfirth WI Book Club meets every two months on a Sunday to discuss a book. See the calendar for details of dates and which books.

Knitting & Crochet Group

The knitting and crochet group meets 3rd Monday of the month. We help and learn from one another as a group, getting on with our own projects and sharing our skills and inspiration. See the calendar for details of dates in case they fall out of sync with 3rd Monday pattern.

Crafting Group

We meet every other month, usually first Monday of month. We each pay £5, which goes together to pay for the materials and teaching that we use to learn a diverse range of new crafts. Always funny, interesting, and with unique results! We have been learning what we are interested in as a group, and have been trying new things like felting and paper cutting. See the calendar for details of dates and themes/activities.

Walking Group

The walking group will aim to run a walk mid month.  Varies between evening and weekend and levels of difficulty and length.  See calendar for details.

2 thoughts on “Regular subgroups for members

  1. Hi, I am just enquiring about the craft subgroup- could you please tell me where they meet eg. for the next meeting on mon 3rd Feb?
    Many thanks,

    • My apologies for the late reply. For the time being all meetings have been cancelled. Please keep an eye on the calendar on our website to see when and where meetings (large or small group) are being held

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