URGENT More Helpers and baked goods required for Sunday WW1 Memorial event

A bit last minute but we have decided we should have a stall tomorrow as that’s when the events really take place. So if you are able to bake or bring jams or any savoury snacks we would be very grateful.

You have several options for delivery two being today and tomorrow at Marianne’s house: 31 Netherlea Drive, Netherthong, HD9 3EX
Please could you deliver tonight between 7pm and 10:00 or tomorrowmorning  between 9:00 – 10:45am or bring a cake to the stall at Sands.

Otherwise please ring to the stall during the day.

Please bring in tins or boxes so that we can stack, if you want the tin or box back please put your name on it and we shall return it to you.
If you are kindly loaning anything else like tongs, cloches etc they can be dropped off as above too.

If you need further info or to let me know you will be bringing something please email president My number is 07779993976 or 01484 612152

Thanks everyone.



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