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World Book Day is 2nd March 2017 and World Book Night falls on 23rd April 2017.  Does this make you want to join the book group?  It’s open to members and meets alternate months on a Sunday 4-5pm at Emma’s Tea Parlour.  Dates are stated on the calendar.  But here’s what they are reading:

2nd April “My Brilliant Friend”

4th June “Life after Life”

6th August “I Let You Go”

1st October “The Trouble with Goats and Sheep”

3rd Dec “The Improbability of Love”

Link to World Book Night

One thought on “Books, Books, Books

  1. Hello

    My name is Ros Rowe and I work for a local charity, Music and the Deaf. Next year is our 30th anniversary and we would love to come and share our story with your group.

    We are a the only charity entirely dedicated to music and deafness and we provide music opportunities for people who live with any degree of hearing loss. We have a national and international reputation for pushing the boundaries of what deaf people can achieve in music. We believe that hearing loss should not be a barrier to enjoying and making music and it is proven that participation in music can play a crucial role in a person’s development and their well being.

    We have a wonderful story to tell about the challenges we are working to overcome,the success of our charity and the fulfilment of our objectives of bringing communities together. We would love to come and share this with you at one of your meetings and know that your members will be inspired by our story.

    Please get in touch with us on 01422 734026 if you are able to fit us into your schedule in the future.

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