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If you have any general queries please contact our lovely secretary Jenny Rudman at:

If you would like to contact the president, Sarah Gathercole, please use the following email address:

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12 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hi, I am a Community Fundraiser for children’s charity Reuben’s Retreat based in Greater Manchester. I was wondering if it would be possible if I could come to one of your Holmfirth WI meetings to tell you all about Reuben’s Retreat (what we do and who we support). 2020 promises to be such an exciting year for us so it would be truly amazing if I could share our wonderful news with all your members and perhaps tell you some information that you don’t know. I have a lovely presentation that I can show too. Thank you and look forward to your reply. Lindsay Smith

    • Hello Lindsay

      As you can imagine we get lots of requests like this. We are actually a charity ourself so we mainly only support other local charities.

      Hope that you understand and wish you all the best.

      Holmfirth WI

    • I wonder if you got a reply from us. If you are still interested, we meet on the second Tuesday of the month in the Civic Hall in Holmfirth, the meeting is from 19.30 until 21.30. We hope to see you then

  2. I am interesting to join a women group. Can you please send the date & time. As I live in Scholes Holmfirth as I am hard of hearing. Would like to come to meet people

    • I am so sorry Hilary. We have not replied to your request!! Please feel free to come to one of our meetings of Holmfirth WI, on the second Tuesday each month. If you could make you let you know to one of the committee members (we should wear mauve name badges) and we will work out, how to make sure you can hear it all. Look forward to see you, Margriet

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. I hope you have found your way to our meetings and if not. We have a meeting tonight and on every second Tuesday of the month in the lesser hall of the Civic Hall (upstairs). You can just turn up and report you to the person that gets you and will guide you in the right direction. I hope to see you, Margriet

  3. I was intending to join the Holmfirth Women’s Institute at tonight’s meeting but unfortunately I am not able to attend. I will definitely be at the next meeting.
    In the meantime could I join online?
    Lesley Rattigan

  4. Dear Madame.
    I have recently been accepted in the ‘Speakers Directory’ for both Cumbria and Lancashire WI federations and am now being booked by them as a guest speaker.
    I would also like to develop my engagements to take in Yorkshire as well.
    I realise you will most likely be booked with speakers for this year and well into next, but if you feel I may be of interest I would be delighted to hear from you.
    BBC Radio Cumbria, That’s Lancashire TV, BBC Radio Lancashire and That’s Manchester TV have all featured my story and in the last two years I have undertaken over 90 speaking engagements.
    My website below provides a bio, testimonials and further information.
    Thank you & regards

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