A request from Yorkshire Air Ambulance

A request from Yorkshire Air Ambulance for NHS Scrub bags
click on the image for a Youtube video on how to make these
Rachel Lawson has sent the following email – please contact her directly at r100asa@icloud.com would like to help.
Hi I am sending this email as a request for anyone that can sew. I work for Yorkshire ambulance service and we are in need of large drawstring scrub bags. These are to put out uniforms in to after shift and then they can just be placed inside the washer to avoid any cross contamination. The bags need to be of a material that can go on a 60c wash and be the size of a pillow case with a drawstring top. The design of material is irrelevant as long as they serve the purpose intended. I have a large list of work colleagues that are needing them and I am unable to produce enough for demand due to work and family commitments. I am also wanting headbands that the nursing staff can wear to protect ears from getting sore due to wearing masks. These are made from jersey fabric and have buttons on either side to hook the elastic over I do have a pattern and pictures if required. I am in the Bradford area and can collect if anyone can help with these”