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President: Sarah Gathercole

Sarah is our newly appointed president. She joined Holmfirth WI in 2018 and after a year to settle in joined the committee in 2019. Sarah is mum to two cats and three chickens (sadly one has left this oral coil since she joined us 😔), a proud aloe-oholic and a novice bell ringer (since visiting with the WI). To contact the president email 

Vice President: Michelle Brown

Michelle is our yo-yo committee member, she joined the committee in 2014 as President for two years then stayed on the committee for a year further and then resigned from the committee and now she’s back as Vice President and our resident nerd supporting our technology, the website and doing our PR.

Vice President: Deb Ely

Joined the WI in 2015 and then the committee in 2017.  She has taken the committee by storm, making name badges for members, organising activities as broad as bell ringing, pie making and judging scout cooking competitions! Deb leads the Events team.

Vice President: Christine Askew


Chris has been a member since the group began and a committee member since 2014. She is a wizard at craft, sewing baking and cooking. She is affectionately known as ‘Chris Craft’ 😀. Appropriately she coordinates the craft group as well as working with the events sub-committee.


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We have a Treasurer and a Deputy Treasurer who keep our coffers safe.

To contact the treasurer email

Kate Gamble

Kate Gamble

Kate is Holmfirth WI’s longest standing committee member and one of the longest standing members as she has been with the group since it began in 2013. She loves baking (she made our birthday cake 🎂 when we turned five, yum!), cats, and caring.

Carolyn Hadin

Carolyn joined the WI in 2018 and took the plunge to join the committee in 2020. Carolyn is joining our Events team sub-committee.

Fund Raising Co-ordinator: Susan Middleton

Susan attended her first WI meeting about 3 years ago and loved it. She is a member of the Book Club and enjoys the discussions- currently via Zoom. Susan loves sewing, knitting and baking-and finds she always learns something new at our meetings. Susan and her daughter Hermione are dedicated to fund raising for both our group and our chosen charity.

 Minutes Secretary and Fund Raising Co-ordinator: and  Hermione Middleton

Hermione attended her first meeting as a guest with her Mum around 3 years ago and subsequently became a member herself.  She enjoys gardening, reading and cooking in her spare time. Hermione works alongside her Mum and is dedicated to fund-raising for our chosen charity.

Secretary: Jenny Rudman

Jenny moved to Holmfirth in 2013 and joined the WI during 2014.  Jenny is a member of the Book Club.  Jenny became a new member to the Committee during 2020 lockdown and has taken on role of Secretary.

Members secretary: Cathy Todd

Cathy joined in Jan 2018 to broaden her social circle and has settled in nicely. She decided to join the committee in 2020 after she retired.

Booking Secretary: Carol McAndrew

Carol joined the WI in 2015. Carol is happily retired and loving having the time to do the things she enjoys. Carol is responsible for booking the venue for our monthly meetings and venue for our various craft activities.

Refreshments Co-ordinator: Helen Wilberforce

Helen moved to Holmfirth in 2018 and immediately joined the WI.  In 2019 she joined the committee and has chosen to look after all refreshment needs at our meetings, making sure we all receive a cuppa and a slice of cake.

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